Our Story

Restore began when two men in York independently contacted Green Pastures Housing in late 2009. They met up and realised that they had a common vision to provide homes for people who would otherwise be homeless.

An initial meeting of Christians in the city who may be interested in working alongside them attracted over thirty people and so Restore began.

By late 2010 a board of directors had been selected and the company Restore (York) Ltd was formed and registered. Charity status took a little longer.

A wider team of volunteers was recruited and trained to assist with providing support to tenants. They received training and began their work with regular visits to people living in the first house.

Other volunteers have assisted with the preparation of the properties. Restore also worked closely with The Besom in York who provided furniture and fittings through their unique charity.

In May 2011 Restore in partnership with Green Pastures Housing purchased its first house. It was modified to provide rooms for four people.

This whole process was supported by the prayers, wisdom and generous giving of people in churches across York.

Things moved fast and today Restore leases eight houses providing homes for 31 men and women. Our professional and volunteer staff manage these tenancies and provide support for those who need it.

The directors are always dependent on the prayers and generosity of the Christian community to fulfil and maintain this vision. Restore started as an act of faith, prompted by God’s love in action. It is our vision to continue in the same way.