Christmas Newsletter is out

Download the Restore Christmas Newsletter. Thank you for your support for us and our tenants. As we draw to the close of another successful year a lot has happened for which we give thanks to God.

It’s been a busy time with tenants engaging with lots of  opportunities and activities; several tenants moving on; new tenants arriving and we’ve even had our first Restore engagement!

If this wasn’t exciting enough, we also welcome two new members of staff starting in the New Year. It’s all in the newsletter – and more. Read and print it out for a noticeboard in your church or organisation.


Easter 2017 Newsletter – Out NOW

This is the latest newsletter. Download it here, print it out for your noticeboard or give it to people who you think would like to support us.

Thank you for your support.

Newsletter Feb 2016

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Team Sixteen

Staff Team 2016

L to R – Ed, Anne, Al, Becki, Jonny

We start the new year with a new team. Ed Hambleton has returned from his sabbatical to be the Senior Housing Manager. Jonny Wooldridge has just been appointed as Development Officer. Anne and Al are our Housing Project Workers and Becki looks after administration. [Read more…]

The team


Restore Staff Team

Becki, Anne, Alan, Joe

This is our team in the Restore (York) Office who look after management, support and administration for our tenants. They cope with a huge workload each day and deal with our tenants with compassion and care from before they move in and throughout their stay with Restore. So when you call the office, these are the people you are likely to be speaking to. If you pray then please include these four and the many volunteers who work with them in your prayers.




Anne -Housing Development and Support Officer

Anne Wooldridge

Anne Wooldridge manages the team. Her title is Housing Development and Support Officer. She also has her own workload of tenants to support. Anne previously worked as one of our housing project workers and stepped into this new role at the beginning of the year when Ed Hambleton started his twelve month sabbatical in New Zealand. Ed is one of our founders and his return is anticipated early next year.


Pray for Critical Housing Benefit Appeal

UPDATE: 25th Sept 2014

We presented our case to the judge but his outline judgment won’t be delivered until next week. Please pray that he will see his way through the maze of evidence laid before him today.


After a long wait our appeal against an adverse housing benefit decision will be heard on Thursday 25th September. A number of our tenants had their benefit cut by City of York Council back in March which seriously reduced our income creating a cash flow problem that threatened our survival. [Read more…]

Success Story Under Threat

Urgent appeal for donations.

I am writing this because of an urgent need for funds and I want our supporters to know how to help us at this critical time.

A success story – but one that is under threat

We are as committed as ever to our goal of providing homes for people in the City of York who are homeless or at risk of being without somewhere to live and of providing the on-going support that our tenants need to turn their lives around. The germ of an idea that was planted in late 2010 has now grown into one of the biggest providers of supported accommodation in the city and we are proud to say that we are now providing a home for twenty six people in seven houses. But our continued existence is now under threat.

An unprecedented decision

A couple of months ago, the City of York Council significantly reduced the amount of housing benefit paid to a large number of our tenants. This happened without warning and without any prior discussion taking place between the council and either Restore or the tenants affected. This means that many of our tenants are no longer receiving enough money to pay their rent in full. The council has told us that they no longer qualify to live in the kind of supported accommodation we provide and that they should move into cheaper accommodation without any support services. Overnight these tenants have been deemed to be no longer vulnerable. This will have serious consequences. If these individuals are forced to move now it is inevitable that many will resume a chaotic lifestyle which will be damaging to them and society in general.

A lengthy appeal process

We have supported all of these tenants in their appeals against this decision but so far have been unable to resolve the matter. The council have now decided to let it be decided by a tribunal, which could take between three to eight months to deliver its verdict. We have been assured by legal and housing experts that we are likely to win this appeal. But in the short term we have to live with this decision which has cut our income by about five thousand pounds a month. Moreover, mounting an appeal will inevitably involve us incurring significant legal costs if we are to ensure the council’s unprecedented decision is overturned.

Can you help?

Until this unexpected turn of events, a combination of rental income and donations meant that Restore not only had sufficient income to allow it operate effectively but also had a healthy reserve set aside to enable the charity to cover the cost of unexpected events. But now, more than ever, we need to draw on the faith and goodwill of our supporters if we are to continue to offer our tenants the support they need while awaiting the decision of the tribunal.

If you believe the work Restore is doing is valuable and should continue, please consider whether you are able to make a generous donation to our funds so that we can pursue this case, continue to house and support our vulnerable tenants, and maintain this important work.

Please give this appeal your careful consideration and feel free to contact me or any of the trustees if you want to ask any questions.

Yours sincerely

Barrie Stephenson


On behalf of the trustees of Restore (York) Ltd



How to give:


Cheque:- Payable to Restore (York) Ltd. Send to:- 65, Lawrence Street, York. YO10 3BU

By BACS transfer to:- Co-operative Bank, Sort Code 089299 Account Number 65698143

Online at:-

Gift Aid your donation – complete our form




2013 – An Amazing Year

Christmas 2013

Thank you for your continued interest and support for Restore during 2013. It has been a year of amazing growth demonstrating God's faithfulness in the work he has asked to do to help homeless people in York. Read our latest newsletter here

[Read more…]

Join us for Prayer

Prayer Space


We are meeting to pray on Thursday May 24th from 6 ’till 7.30pm and would love anyone who wants to support Restore’s work to join us. It’s at St Paul’s Church on Holgate Road. Feel free to come for all or some of the time. More information:
Restore now has the capacity to house and support 13 people who used to be homeless in three houses. We have just agreed to lease a fourth house and we’re aiming to expand to six houses by the end of the year. This work is demanding and challenging for everyone involved. The support worker, board members, treasurer, project manager, volunteers and tenants all need to be upheld in prayer.

House Number Three

Map of Acomb

Our team has started work preparing our third house to be ready for four people who will soon move in to their own home. This one is in Acomb and it arrives hard on the heels of the second in Clifton.

Volunteers are working with our project manager, Wayne. They are decorating, gardening and cleaning while the professionals are fitting fire doors, updating the electrics, fitting carpets and making the boundaries secure. If you can offer to help it’s all hands on deck for a few weeks and you would be very welcome.

Meanwhile, Ed and other members of the team are interviewing people to choose the right men to live there. These are both exciting and demanding times. There’s a challenge around every corner but we can see God at work as we sustain the work of Restore through prayer. You can help us with this too.