Annual Report 2012 Published

Our Annual Report 2012 has just been published after being independently examined by our accountants and accepted by both Companies House and the Charity Commission.

Here are some extracts from the report.

Giving hope
Restore isn’t just about putting a roof over someone’s head. The hard work starts in the days and
weeks after someone has moved into their new home. We strive to provide an environment which
helps people make positive changes to their lives and the support to help those changes last.
Sometimes this is a slow process and requires great patience, but it is always encouraging to see
people beginning to enjoy a brighter future.

“I have seen W and M recently. They are both transformed
beyond what I thought possible. Thank you so much for
giving them the chance at turning things around.”

Someone who referred two homeless people into our service

New horizons
Each of our first four properties accommodated single men in houses of multiple-occupancy. There continues to be a significant need in this area but if we are to achieve our long-term goal of
eradicating homelessness in York, we realise that the charity must broaden its horizons and
provide accommodation for other demographics too. We are therefore delighted to say that the fifth
property that we added early in 2013 will accommodate women for the first time.

We plan to add two further houses in 2013. One of them will be allocated to a project that houses
and supports people who have recently been released from custody. This house will be supported
in partnership with Foundation UK via their ‘Through the Gate’ project. The final house this year will
probably be another shared house for men.

In 2014 we aim to add a further two or three houses, including a further shared house for women
and hopefully, for the first time, a family home.

We also are beginning to investigate the possibility of providing supported living for young people
in the 16-25 age range.

Read the full report here